Study finds significant logistical improvements associated with use of Safe Orthopaedics’ single-use products


A randomised study has found reduced pre- and postoperative logistics times, as well as a complete elimination of logistics incidents, across 40 surgeries with the use of Safe Orthopaedics’ single-use products.

This 1:1 randomised study was conducted by teams at CHU Bicêtre, Paris, France. It was led jointly by Sylvie Raspaud, who oversaw the pharmaceutical aspects, and Charles Court, orthopaedic surgeon and head of the Orthopedics service.

The study ran from April 2014 to May 2015 following CHU Bicêtre’s adoption of Safe Orthopaedics’ products and compared the operative and logistics times (pre- and postoperative) for traditional renewable instruments and Safe Orthopaedics’ single-use instruments in lumbar spine fusion surgeries (lumbar arthrodesis).

This study showed a reduction of 81% in average logistics times from 176 to 33 minutes on average by switching over to single-use instruments since the hospital. Its staff no longer needed to perform various procedural steps (transport, labour, sterilisation).

At the same time, no logistical incidents were observed with Safe Orthopaedics’ instruments. With reusable instruments, an incident rate of 15% was recorded (unavailability of instruments set, lack of screws and sterilisation problems).

Strictly defined operative times would have also been shortened by 14 minutes (from 190 to 176 minutes on average), even though the CHU Bicêtre surgeons were novice users who had received guidance from a Safe Orthopaedics trainer only during their first surgery.

Charles Court says, “Our study brought to light the major savings achieved by using Safe Orthopaedics’ products for scheduled vertebral fusion surgeries. I am tremendously proud of the work that our teams did.”