Stryker Navigation introduces SpineMask tracker and SpineMap 3D 3.0 software


Stryker Navigation has introduced SpineMask Tracker—a non-invasive patient tracker enabling minimally invasive approaches for spine surgery without an additional incision for navigation tracking. This new technology is partnered with the innovative SpineMap 3D software to provide an enhanced operating room experience.

In the past, spine navigation required an additional incision to affix a clamp to the patient’s boney anatomy for registration and navigation tracking. Surgeons had to choose between non-navigated surgery with small or fewer incisions, or navigated surgery which required a larger or extra incision to accommodate the spine clamp. The SpineMask tracker technology allows surgeons the benefit of navigation without having to create a dedicated incision for navigation tracking.

Stryker Navigation’s new SpineMask tracker leverages the proprietary tracking technology the company has developed and honed for neurosurgical procedures, allowing for other surgical specialties to benefit from this technology. The SpineMask non-invasive tracker is an adhesive surgical tracker which is placed on the patient’s back and enables automatic registration with a wide-variety of imaging devices used in the operating room. Stryker’s proprietary tracking technology allows for automatic intraoperative mask registration, which utilises a software algorithm quickly to match the patient’s anatomy to the intra-operative image set. The SpineMask tracker uses Stryker’s active tracking technology to sense tracker movement during surgery and automatically compensates for any deformation to help maintain accuracy throughout the procedure.

“This innovative system provides an intuitive solution designed to optimise the navigation experience for minimally invasive spine surgeries,” said Derek Babin, director of marketing for Stryker Navigation. “Though we just fully launched SpineMask tracker early this year, we already have multiple facilities taking advantage of its accuracy and easy-to-use capabilities.”

The SpineMask tracker is used in conjunction with the SpineMap 3D 3.0 software and Stryker’s NAV3i navigation platform to provide a total solution for spine navigation procedures. This solution leverages Stryker’s proprietary navigation camera which provides industry-leading accuracy for navigated procedures. The navigation platform also has a flexible camera arm with a large range of motion, making it easy to accommodate different procedures and approaches. A 32″ HD monitor delivers sharp visualisation for the surgeon while the platform’s design makes it easy to position the monitor and camera for optimal space usage in the operating room.

The SpineMask non-invasive tracker and SpineMap 3D 3.0 software are compatible with a range of intraoperative imaging devices for automatic registration offering flexibility in incorporating the technology into the surgical workflow.