Stryker launch Xia 4.5 cortical trajectory implants and instruments for LITe LIF procedures


Stryker’s Spine division is to launch its new Xia 4.5 cortical trajectory offering for LITe lumbar interbody fusion procedures at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) 2016 annual meeting in Orlando, USA.


The Xia cortical trajectory (CT) implants and instruments are built upon Stryker’s Xia Spinal System foundation, and are designed for use in less invasive LITe LIF posterior lumbar interbody fusion procedures for patients with degenerative disc disease, spondylolisthesis and trauma, among other indications. The cortical trajectory procedure facilitates a smaller midline incision to help achieve decompression, fixation and fusion, according to a company release. It also is intended to be more muscle-sparing than standard open procedures which require lateral dissection. Its reduced incision may allow for more efficient exposure and closure time.


Brad Paddock, president of Stryker’s Spine division, said the introduction of the Xia 4.5 cortical trajectory offering is one of several new products the company will be unveiling at the AAOS meeting.


The Xia CT implants utilise the low profile tulip head of Stryker’s Xia 4.5 spinal system to allow for maximum visualisation, and can be used with the LITe midline retractor, which is designed to allow for optimized visualisation of the surgical site without the need for headlamps. The Xia CT implants and instruments offer both cannulated and non-cannulated options. The cannulated screw offering and cannulated tap markers allow for screw insertion over a guide wire. The Xia CT implants and instruments are compatible with existing Xia 4.5 implants and instrumentation.