Stryker announces more than 2,400 spinal cases in first year with Q guidance system


Stryker has announced that its Q guidance system with spine guidance software has been used to deliver enhanced surgical planning and navigation in more than 2,400 spinal cases. The Q guidance system for both spine and cranial applications will also be featured at the North American Spine Society (NASS) annual meeting (18–21 October, Los Angeles, USA).

According to Stryker, the Q guidance system with spine guidance software—which launched in 2022—delivers “unmatched speed and the flexibility of multiple optical tracking methods”, including full-spectrum active/passive hybrid optical tracking, semi-automatic and automatic processing features, gesture recognition, and broad compatibility with various types of image sets.

“As a diehard freehand pedicle screw inserter, my first case with the Q guidance system with spine guidance software changed my views on navigation,” said Peter Newton (Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego, USA). “In surgeries like these, I believe perfect screw positioning and maximal screw length are critical, and both were achieved for this patient. The ability to move the tracker and re-register quickly without another CT [computed tomography] scan is a spectacular advance in navigation.”

“The surgeon feedback on our Q guidance system with spine guidance software is overwhelmingly positive, and the number of completed surgical cases has exceeded our expectations,” said Keith Evans, vice president and general manager of Stryker’s Enabling Technologies business. “We have seen firsthand how it has helped surgeons optimise their workflow and time spent in the OR [operating room]. It is also exciting that we could expand our reach by making this technology available for use with paediatric patients aged 13 and older. The Q guidance system continues our legacy of ingenuity and is currently the centre of our enabling technologies ecosystem that we continue to build upon year over year.”


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