SteriSpine receives Australian regulatory approval, Safe Orthopaedics reaches distribution agreement for Australia, New Zealand


Australian regulatory authorities have approved Safe Orthopaedics’ SteriSpine ranges, which are to be distributed in Australia and New Zealand, following a distribution agreement with SSJ Health.

Pierre Dumouchel, interim chief executive officer of Safe Orthopaedics, says, “This approval is a major step forward for us because it marks the introduction of our technologies in the Asia-Pacific region. It is the product of a partnership with SSJ Health, and we aim to achieve rapid uptake of our SteriSpine PS and SteriSpine LC ranges in Australia and New Zealand.”

The agreement will serve as a platform for starting up its business activities in the Australian and New Zealand markets, according to a press release. SSJ Health works directly with surgeons and hospitals in the region.

Craig Setter, chief executive officer of SSJ Health, adds, “Safe Orthopaedics’ sterile, single-use instruments and leading implants have the potential to…eliminate the risk of infection from the reuse of surgical instruments, cut hospital operating costs and facilitate increased reactivity to emergency surgeries.”