Statera Spine announces company formation


Statera Spine has announced the formation of the company as a subsidiary of Ortho Kinematics.

Statera will leverage the operational backbone and technology platform developed by Ortho Kinematics, but will focus on the commercialisation of Profile-ESP. Profile-ESP is an analytics and reporting service offered to spine surgeons that makes standard spine X-rays more clinically useful. Profile-ESP has been in beta release for most of 2018, and in the coming months Statera will focus on a national-scale launch of that product into the billion-dollar market for spine X-ray services.

Gary Stevenson, co-founder and managing partner of MB Venture Partners, commented, “Statera Spine has a significant opportunity to commercialise a new product building on the VMA, the flagship technology of Ortho Kinematics. While the VMA provides biomechanical insights that can transform the way spine treatment decisions are made, the test has experienced reimbursement challenges and can be disruptive to workflow for office-based spine doctors. The Profile-ESP from Statera Spine does not experience these same reimbursement challenges and is easily integrated into spine imaging workflow.”

Statera Spine is being led by Erik Wagner, interim CEO, James Burrows, chief operating officer and Adam Dietz, chief technology officer.


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