St Mary’s Medical Center offers robotic guidance system for spine surgery


Dignity Health St Mary’s Medical Center, San Francisco, USA, has added the Mazor Robotics Renaissance computer-generated guidance system to its multidisciplinary spine centre. St Mary’s is the only hospital in the San Francisco Bay Area to exclusively offer this state-of-the-art technology for spine surgery.

The Mazor Renaissance robot-assisted system supports more accurate implant placement during lumbar and thoracic spine fusion cases with precise computer guidance. It is used to treat patients suffering from debilitating back pain or limited range of motion caused by spinal deformities and degenerative conditions such as slipped vertebrae, scoliosis, kyphosis, and spinal nerve impingement. Patients who have also had multiple, failed spine surgeries turn to this technology to help correct and repair previous surgeries. Through the use of the Mazor Renaissance robot-assisted system, patients experience fewer complications and revisions, as well as faster recovery time.

The surgical robot, which is the size of a 12oz soft drink can, enables fast and precise placement of spinal implants, avoiding nerves, blood vessels, and other vital structures. It also enables surgeons to perform surgery more efficiently in cases of scoliosis and revision surgery.

“We are very proud to be able to bring this leading-edge technology to San Francisco,” says Dimitriy Kondrashov, surgeon at the St Mary’s Spine Center. “The addition of the Mazor robot to our spine centre means patients will have access to the most advanced care at the most experienced facility in San Francisco.”