SpineSource launches expandable L-Varlock lumbar cage in USA


SpineSource has launched the L-Varlock lumbar cage in the USA. According to a company release, the L-Varlock is the only expandable interbody that can adjust in situ from 0 to 24 degrees of lordotic angle, and up to 7mm of expansion.

The L-Varlock is made of titanium alloy and is currently being launched through SpineSource’s independent group of spinal implant sales professionals throughout the United States.

Tom Mitchell, founder and chief executive officer of SpineSource says, “It is now clear that expandable devices are the future of interbody fusion and titanium has made a comeback. With L-Varlock, surgeons can dial-in any custom lordotic angle necessary to restore and maintain sagittal balance and disc height. He adds, “I am pleasantly surprised how quickly US surgeons are gravitating back to titanium because of the bone-friendly properties over PEEK.”