SpineGuard receives CE mark for new application of its disruptive Dynamic Surgical Guidance platform


SpineGuard has announced the CE marking for its DSG (Dynamic Surgical Guidance) Threaded Drill and the first surgery, a thoracolumbar scoliosis correction, in Lille’s Centre Hospitalier Universitaire by Assaker, Chopin and Allaoui.

“As a long-standing user of PediGuard probes, I find that this smart threaded drill is a useful technical improvement. It allows preparation of the entry point, redirect the trajectory when needed and remain in cancellous bone,” said Richard Assaker, professor of Neurosurgery at Centre Hospitalier Universitaire de Lille, France. “If appropriate, we can also cross the cortical wall with a very high level of precision.”

“This CE marking and first surgery materialise the integration of our DSG technology into a threaded drill. These are major steps toward the direct insertion of pedicle screws: in other words, the simplification of the most commonly instrumented spine surgery,” said Pierre Jérôme, chief executive officer and co-founder of SpineGuard.

Stéphane Bette, chief technology and co-founder of SpineGuard, concluded: “This novel application of our DSG technology is the fruit of a close collaboration between our research and development team and our expert consulting surgeons. In line with healthcare systems expectations, SpineGuard continues to bring to market disruptive products designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of surgical procedures.”