SpineGuard promotes three key staff members

SpineGuard SmartScrew
SpineGuard’s Dynamic Surgical Guidance technology is integrated into this “Smart Screw”

SpineGuard has promoted three employees with the goal of reaching operational profitability by the end of 2018.

Stéphane Bette, chief executive officer of SpineGuard, says, “We are very proud to announce these internal promotions as they reward highly talented members of our team with significant experience. Patricia, Olivier and Steve all contributed greatly to the development of our company over many years. Through their new responsibilities and expanded scope, they will further support me in executing on our strategic goals in particular to reach operational profitability.”

Steve McAdoo, adds, “I am very excited to assume my new role within SpineGuard as we to continue to leverage our dynamic surgical guidance (DSG) technology in medical device markets, drive additional growth and progress toward profitability.”

Olivier Frézal, continues: ‘I am thrilled by this this new position. I have been involved in the technical activities of the company over the last years and I have the privilege to lead a strong, dedicated and experienced team.’

Patricia Lempereur concludes: ‘I look forward to taking on these expanded responsibilities as we continue to develop our disruptive technology. Over the years, I have been intimately involved in the international sales process and feel confident in embracing this new role. With our Marketing and Sales teams, we will continue to provide the same quality of support and service to our customers and we are poised to positively impact our international business in line with the new strategy of the company.’

Broadened roles
  • Steve McAdoo has over 28 years of experience with Sales, Marketing and Business Development of medical devices. He worked with Smith & Nephew, Danek, Medtronic, Cerapedics and Biomet, before joining SpineGuard in 2016. McAdoo will manage the American subsidiary SpineGuard, replacing Stephane Bette who was appointed chief executive officer in July. Steve will continue to lead global initiatives in Business Development. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.
  • Olivier Frézal has 17 years of experience in Research and Development and Management in the Spine Industry. He holds an ENSAM Master of Engineering and Biomechanics, and has also worked for SpineVision. Frézal has worked on the DSG technology for 12 years, and with SpineGuard since 2009. He will lead the innovation strategy, intellectual property and development of new products and technologies. He will also supervise Manufacturing and RAQA activities.
  • Patricia Lempereur has 15 years of experience in the medical device industry. She holds a Master in Biotechnologies & Management, and has previously worked for SpineVision and Medicrea. She has also been with SpineGuard since 2009. Lempereur will be in charge of the International Sales, in addition to International Marketing. She will be the Worldwide lead for marketing tools and programmes.


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