SpineGuard introduces bevel-cannulated PediGuard


SpineGuard has announced that it is expanding its Dynamic Surgical Guidance platform for enhanced pedicle screw placement by introducing the bevel-tip cannulated PediGuard at the occasion of the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery and Techniques (11–14 June; Paris, France).

“The bevel-tip is a much needed addition to the cannulated PediGuard product offering. In my experience, using needles with such a tip minimises “skiving” of the needle at the pedicle entry point and helps me steer the needle as I am advancing down a pedicle. This tip and the PediGuard technology are a perfect complement to each other: the technology tells me accurately in real-time what’s ahead and the tip helps me effortlessly steer accordingly,” says John Williams, a spine surgeon from Ft. Wayne, Indiana, USA.

“The unique and substantial benefits to patients, surgeons & operating room staff directly related to the use of the PediGuard Dynamic Surgical Guidance technology have been validated by growing clinical evidence published in peer-reviewed medical journals,” says Pierre Jérôme, chief executive officer and co-founder of SpineGuard. “We believe that the Cannulated PediGuard will play a significant role in accelerating the shift of more spine surgeries toward minimally invasive procedures.”