SpineGuard and Zavation announce first US co-development partnership for the Smart Screw


SpineGuard’s Dynamic Surgical Guidance technology will be embedded into Zavation’s pedicle screw system to provide improved accuracy, enhance spine surgery work flow, and match healthcare economic trends. The co-development partnership with Zavation represents the first partnership with a US-domiciled spine company and is a key milestone in SpineGuard’s progression toward the launch of its smart screw platform in the US market.

“We are delighted to partner with Zavation for the swift introduction of dynamically guided screws into the US market. Our early interaction is extremely promising, as our two companies are moving at the same pace,” said Pierre Jérôme, chief executive officer and co-founder of SpineGuard. “This partnership will provide us with a beachhead for future expansion as our enabling technology gains increased exposure and triggers new revenue streams.”

Jeffrey Johnson, president of Zavation, said, “The combination of Zavation’s pedicle screw system and SpineGuard’s innovative technology creates a new option for spine surgeons. Together, our companies are able to offer surgeons a product that aids in their effort to achieve positive results for their patients. While the professional healthcare community is excited about our Smart Screw, the ultimate benefit is, of course, to the patient undergoing spinal surgery.”

“Integrating the Dynamic Surgical Guidance technology with pedicle screws will greatly optimise the workflow and accuracy, and reduce radiation exposure for surgeons in both the traditional and minimally invasive surgical settings. Not only will the Smart Screw allow for active real time guidance breach-avoidance through the pedicle, but it will also provide unprecedented feedback and confidence in the ultimate fixation of the screw itself,” said Larry T Khoo, neurological surgeon, SMISS executive board, Los Angeles, USA.

“The Smart Screw technology is an opportunity to further use the Dynamic Surgical Guidance platform to improve our ability to place pedicle screws safely, especially in a minimally invasive setting. The benefits of this technology are far-reaching. The Smart Screw has the potential to influence many aspects of pedicle screw placement—accuracy, decreased radiation exposure, and improved bone/screw fixation to name a few,” said John I Williams, orthopaedic surgeon, Fort Wayne, USA.