SpineGuard and Omnia Medical announce strategic alliance for adult spine surgery in the USA

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SpineGuard and Omnia Medical, have signed a co-development and exclusive distribution agreement for adult spine surgery in the USA.

According to a press release, the partnership spans two novel devices: a smart single-step pedicle screw system and a smart drilling tool for sacroiliac joint fusion, both embedding the dynamic surgical guidance (DSG) technology.

Pierre Jérôme, co-founder, chairman and CEO of SpineGuard, said: “We are thrilled to partner with Omnia, a remarkably dynamic and innovative player on the US medical device market in particular within the emerging ambulatory surgical centres sector.

“It further validates our successful clinical experience of over 500 surgeries performed with the Smart Screw and will enable us to expand the scope of our DSG technology to sacroiliac joint fusion, a significant and fast-growing segment of the spine market.

“This alliance is in line with our global strategy to deploy DSG via its integration into the devices of companies advancing skeletal surgery. It is also perfectly complementary to our existing network of agents and distributors commercialising PediGuard and DSG Connect as well as to our partnerships in paediatric spine surgery and dental implantology.”

Troy Schifano, co-founder and CTO of Omnia Medical, added: “Omnia Medical could not be more excited about this partnership. SpineGuard’s DSG technology is a perfect complement to Omnia Medical’s unique and novel instruments and devices and further sets us apart from the industry.”


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