SpineGuard and Neuro France Implants in co-development partnership for the first “smart screw” based on Dynamic Surgical Guidance


SpineGuard has announced a co-development partnership with Neuro France Implants for the integration of its Dynamic Surgical Guidance technology into Neuro France Implants’ pedicle screw system. SpineGuard’s Dynamic Surgical Guidancetechnology will be embedded into Neuro France Implants’ pedicle screw system to provide unprecedented accuracy, enhance the surgical work flow, and match health economic trends.

“We are very pleased to partner with Neuro France Implants on the development of this game-changing technology in a global annual market of one million pedicle screw-based procedures. Our common ambition is to perform the first surgeries with our dynamically guided screws this year,” said Pierre Jérôme, chief executive officer and co-founder of SpineGuard. “Our R&D collaboration with Neuro France, initiated a few months ago, has already been fruitful with four labs, three generations of functional prototypes and very positive feedback from the surgeons involved in the pre-clinical evaluation.”

Patrice Moreau, chief executive officer and co-founder of Neuro France Implants, said, “We are delighted to bring our solid expertise in developing and manufacturing spinal implants into this very exciting partnership. Making our G2S pedicle screw system dynamically guided thanks to SpineGuard’s unique technology will offer enhanced safety and assurance to spine surgeons.”

“This is another demonstration of SpineGuard’s continued development and execution of instruments to make spine surgery safer for patients and provide confidence to the surgical team. The pedicle screw with Dynamic Surgical Guidance will truly change the way we think about spine and orthopaedic surgery,” said Randal Betz, paediatric orthopaedic surgeon, Philadelphia, USA.

“The PediGuard has shown its accuracy in pedicle preparation. The partnership between SpineGuard and Neuro France Implants is a great development for the spine surgeon community with the integration of two technologies into one device—a new screw with an original design combined with the Dynamic Surgical Guidance technology. This first dynamically guided screw will be the most innovative device of the year in spine surgery, as it will further reduce complications and associated costs. We look forward to using it,” said Patrick Tropiano, professor of orthopaedic surgery at Marseille La Timone University Hospital, France.