SpineGuard adds new products to its Pediguard platform


SpineGuard has reported that it has received FDA 510(k) clearance for three new products—two miniaturised versions of its classic and curved range and a directional version of its cannulated series—in its Pediguard platform.

Pedicle screw-based stabilisation has become the gold standard for treating spinal instabilities and deformities. This market is growing due to the increasing number of patients requiring surgical treatment and a larger number of surgeons being trained in pedicle screw-based technologies. Technological advancements such as minimally invasive surgery, bone substitutes, dynamic stabilisation and thoracic screws further reiterate the importance of pedicle screw placement.

Pierre Jérôme, co-founder and chief executive officer of SpineGuard, said: “This new product-development milestone now empowers SpineGuard to assist surgeons in the most challenging clinical situations in spine, and fortifies our potentially game-changing technology in the US market.”

“The addition of a miniaturised Pediguard sensor opens the door to multiple new potential small-size applications of our platform, such as drill bits, guide wires or implants,” added Stephane Bette, co-founder and chief technology officer of SpineGuard.