SpineCraft release Astra spinal system in the USA

SpineCraft Astra
SpineCraft Astra

SpineCraft has launched the Astra system, designed for spinal deformity correction, tumour, trauma and degenerative procedures. The system also includes a new revision and extension module developed for the expanding revision patient population.

The revision & extension module includes a variety of rods and linkages specifically designed to allow the surgeon to attach to pre-existing implants. According to a company release, this ability to link to the existing implants could reduce surgery time and the overall cost associated with a hardware removal and replacement.

The Astra system is designed for use with 6mm and 5.5mm titanium and cobalt chromium rods. All rods are interchangeable within the same implants and instrumentation, intended to provide the surgeon with valuable intraoperative flexibility, while reducing the hospital inventory requirements. In addition, the system includes several implant enhancements, including a favoured angle design incorporated in all thoracolumbar polyaxial screws.

John K Starr, of Washington Orthopedics & Sports Medicine (Chevy Chase, USA) and clinical professor of Orthopedic Surgery at George Washington University (Washington, DC, USA), says, “I began using the Astra spinal system in early 2016 and have found [it] to be comprehensive…choice for my complex spinal procedures. Initially I did not anticipate the benefit of the Astra favoured-angle polyaxial screw. With multiple cases performed, I now recognise that the extreme favoured angle helps facilitate rod placement and proper rod positioning. This advantage is particularly valuable with severe spinal rotation or scoliotic curves.”