Spineart launches Juliet Ti titanium inderbody systems


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Spineart has received CE marking for its new Juliet Ti lumbar interbody systems.

The Juliet Ti PO, OL and TL interbody systems are the first range of titanium interbody implants featuring the company’s proprietary Ti-LifeTechnology.

Ti-LifeTechnology micro-porous scaffold is designed to mimic the bone trabecular structure, featuring interconnected pores of 600μm to 700μm and an overall porosity of 70-75%—intended to enable cell colonisation and promote bone in-growth.

According to a company press release, the technology is based on a unique algorithm associated with a state-of-the-art additive manufacturing process.

The Juliet Ti PO, OL and TL interbody systems include a range of sizes to address different anatomies. The bullet-shaped nose, lateral sides and chamfers of the implant are polished, intending to preserve endplates, nerve roots and soft tissues during insertion.

The Juliet Ti design also features an overall reduced density to optimise the imaging performances.