Spine Wave launches True Position pivoting spacer system


Spine Wave logoSpine Wave has launched its True Position pivoting spacer system in the USA, following a limited release of the device. The system was acquired by the company in February 2016, from Atlas Spine.

The True Position pivoting spacer system is a pivoting “crescent-style” interbody fusion device implanted via transforaminal interbody fusion. Its patented Center Pivot Point Technology is designed to provide a powerful and controlled mechanical advantage, allowing the surgeon to more easily and accurately insert and then position the interbody spacer.

Additionally, the True Position pivoting spacer system can be implanted using minimally invasive techniques. This platform also includes the True Position XL implant, a device designed for posterior procedures but with an implant “footprint” more comparable to that of lateral and anterior devices.

Evalina Burger, professor and Vice Chair of Orthopaedics at the University of Colorado Hospital in Aurora, USA, says, “As a deformity surgeon, the restoration of sagittal balance is always a primary clinical objective. Placing a crescent shaped spacer in the far anterior column can be an important part of a comprehensive surgical strategy designed to improve sagittal balance. In my experience, the powerful True Position pivoting spacer system makes accurate placement of the implant easier and more reproducible. This device has been an important addition to my armamentarium.”