Spine patients highly satisfied with telemedicine during COVID-19 according to new study


A study published on the Global Spine Journal on 22 October, reports that 87.7% of spinal patients were satisfied with telemedicine appointments during the pandemic. A total of 772 patients participated in the survey across two practices in the USA.

Patient satisfaction was measured on a five point Likert-type scale. Seventy per cent of respondents reported a five out of five level of satisfaction, with 45% of patients indicating a preference for telemedicine appointments over in-person visits.

Several factors affected whether a patient was likely to be satisfied, including distance from doctor, age of patient, and condition. Older patients were less likely to be satisfied with telemedicine. Those respondents with audio-only appointments were much less likely to be satisfied with their appointment.

The study concludes that despite problems for some patients, the high number of survey respondents with a preference for telemedicine appointments means this may be an option for a subset of patients in the future.


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