Spine BioPharma announces first patient treated in US Phase 3 clinical study


Spine BioPharma recently announced the first patient treated in a Phase 3 clinical study of SB-01. This, according to the company, is the first intradiscal pharmacologic treatment to enter Phase 3 studies for the treatment of pain-related disability, associated with degenerative disc disease. 

The patient was treated at Conquest Research (Winter Park, USA) where Malisa Agard is the principal investigator.

The Phase 3 study of SB-01, which is called the MODEL study, is being conducted at 30 investigational sites across the USA, enrolling up to 400 patients.

Marc Viscogliosi, CEO of Spine BioPharma, said: “We are pleased to have treated our first patient in the SB-01 MODEL study and we look forward to enrolling additional patients across all the investigational sites.”


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