SpinalCyte receives new European patent


SpinalCyte has received European Patent No. 1989289, “Methods And Compositions For Repair Of Cartilage Using An In Vivo Bioreactor.”

The technology described in the patent involves an in vivo bioreactor scaffolding for cartilage engineering and ex vivo methods of subjecting cells to stress to differentiate them into chondrocytes. The in vivo bioreactor comprises a biodegradable membrane which will subject the cells to conditions that provide a loading regimen on the cells to differentiate them into chondrocytes. The device will also force the differentiation of fibroblast cells in chondrocyte or chondrocyte-like cells for the production of aggrecan, Type II collagen, Sox-9 protein cartilage link protein, and perlecan.

With this addition, SpinalCyte’s portfolio now includes 21 international patents issued and directly owned by the company, along with 43 patents pending.