SpinalCyte announces new patents in Hong Kong and Europe


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SpinalCyte, a regenerative medicine company focused on regrowth of the spinal disc using Human Dermal Fibroblasts (HDFs), has announced the issuance of new patents in Hong Kong and Europe. The company’s intellectual property in spine treatments now includes 35 US and foreign patents issued with 41 patents pending, which provide a commanding intellectual property estate for its lead product, CybroCell. 

“These new patents add to our extensive portfolio and bolster the international protections for our fibroblast technology,” said Pete O’Heeron, chief executive officer of SpinalCyte. “SpinalCyte is at the forefront of human dermal fibroblast cell therapy, specifically in disc degeneration. We hold all intellectual property related to HDF treatment for degenerative disc disease (DDD), positioning us as the front-runner in this emerging sector of cell therapies.”

The technologies described in Hong Kong Patent No. HK1197832, “Dermal fibroblasts for treatment of degenerative disc disease,” and European Patent No. 3146939, “Composition for repair of cartilage using an in vivo bioreactor,” related to generating chondrocyte-like cells and applying them within the spinal disc space. Additional claims surround the paracrine benefit of introducing fibroblasts to the disc environment.

The new patents follow positive clinical trial results of CybroCell which show sustained pain relief in the treatment of DDD at 12 months. Orthopedics This Week spotlighted the results Monday in the article, “New study: intra-discal injections for DDD pain relief.”


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