SpinalCyte granted new Australian patent for spinal disc tissue engineering


SpinalCyte has announced the issuance of Australian Patent No. 2013257540, “Methods and Compositions For Repair Of Cartilage Using An In Vivo Bioreactor.” This adds to the 11 US and foreign patents issued and directly owned by the company.

This patent recognises a technology using an absorbable membrane scaffold to support the growth of new cells populating the nucleus. Other claims provide for a semi-permeable membrane which allows for the diffusion of nutrients, and to transfer the intermittent hydrostatic pressure onto the differentiating chondrocyte cells. SpinalCyte has 17 patents pending.

“The new Australian Patent broadens our protection internationally and protects our unique technology in one of the fastest growing markets for biologic repair of tissue,” says Pete O’Heeron, Chief Executive Officer. “We are pleased the Australian Commissioner of Patents has recognized the uniqueness of our technology.”