SpinalCyte announces results from phase II human dermal fibroblast disc regeneration trial in rabbits


SpinalCyte has announced the preliminary results of its Phase II Animal Studies for Spinal Disc Height Improvement.

The study began in 2014, and is led by Howard An, the Morton International endowed chair professor of Orthopedic Surgery and  director of the Division of Spine Surgery and Spine Fellowship Program at Rush University Medical Center (Chicago, USA).

According to a company release, An’s team has reported a significant increase in disc height indexes in the human dermal fibroblast-treated discs (four weeks after injury vs eight weeks after treatment).

A total of 48 rabbits were used in this study. Sixteen rabbits were given saline, 16 were given human dermal fibroblasts and 16 were given rabbit dermal fibroblasts. After injury reduced the disc height to an average of 75% of normal height, the human dermal fibroblast group improved disc height to 81% while the rabbit dermal fibroblast group increased disc height to 77%. “These results are consistent with our first limited animal trial,” states Howard An. “We are encouraged and optimistic for the remaining analysis of these Phase II Animal Trials.”