Spinal News International Issue 48 – September 2018



  • Surgeons call for ban on pedicle screw reuse and demand two-step asepsis process
  • Second scoliosis surgery of the day as safe and effective as first
  • Many surgeons do not use patient-reported outcome measures in spine care
  • Scoliosis Research Society president Todd Albert’s keynote address at IMAST focused on reducing physician burnout and ending the stigma around mental health issues experienced by healthcare professionals
  • A novel approach to complex spinal surgeries: The successful use of 3D-virtual and 3D-printed models
  • Spine surgeon Areena Dsouza discusses why it is important to have open discussions between surgeons and their patients about sexual function when deciding n treatment option
  • Todd Lanman argues for the modernisation of cervical spine surgery by advocating for the routine use of cervical disc replacements
  • Profile: Frank Kandziora


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