Spinal Elements license portfolio of products for the lumbar spine


Spinal Elements have announced that they have licensed a portfolio of patents essential for accessing the lumbar spine from a lateral approach and placing implants from that approach. The lateral approach to the spine provides the potential for less disruptive, minimally invasive surgical access techniques to address a variety of spinal pathologies. 

According to a press release, the company plans to use this newly licensed technology to develop access systems and implants for introduction later in the year.  The company recently received 510(k) clearance from the FDA to market implants placed using the lateral access procedure.  The clearance included the use of the company’s Ti-Bond porous titanium coating on such laterally-placed implants. 

This follows the company’s announcement last year of completing initial surgeries with its minimally invasive spine fixation system.  That system will have a wider introduction this year as well.

Jason Blain, President and co-founder of Spinal Elements remarked, “We are glad to add this portfolio of patents as a resource from which we can expand our product offerings as we move to make Spinal Elements an innovative leader in the minimally invasive surgery spine access and implant market. Over the course of the year we have introduced and will continue to introduce new technologies to offer spine surgeons the most advanced technologies for their patients.”

Todd Andres, CEO and co-founder of Spinal Elements, adds, “The licensing of these patents and development of these systems is congruent with our culture of respecting the intellectual property of those who innovated before us while also developing our own technology and intellectual property to advance the field.”