Southern Spine expands sales to Europe and announces new configurations of StabiLink


Southern Spine announced that they have established an agreement with a major Italian distributor and have already performed numerous successful cases of its patented StabiLink MIS spinal fixation system.

“Now that our StabiLink system is CE marked, as well as US Food and Drug Administration cleared, we are excited to begin expanding our global distribution beyond the US market.” states David C Field, chief executive officer of Southern Spine.

“The principle benefit of the StabiLink system is that it is placed between the spinous processes, away from the neural elements,” says Michael Cowan, neurosurgeon at Carolina Medical Center. He further states, “The anterior “tray” design of the StabiLink implant creates an ideal containment area for the maximum amount of bone graft material to optimise bony fixation between the spinous process.”

According to a release, the company is adding the new C2 Base Plate and C2 Lamina Plate to the previously released C3 Base Plate to provide the ultimate solutions for minimally invasive spinal fixation procedures, based on experience in performing hundreds of successful StabiLink MIS spinal implant procedures.