SpineFrontier receives FDA approval for A-CIFT SoloFuse HA standalone system

FDA A-CIFT SoloFuse HA standalone system
SpineFrontier’s A-CIFT SoloFuse HA

The A-CIFT SoloFuse HA (SpineFrontier) has received FDA approval.

The company states that the A-CIFT SoloFuse HA standalone system was produced “to leverage the familiarity of existing techniques, while providing an alternative to traditional plating for one level procedures—with the added hydroxyapatite (HA) biologic component.”

A-CIFT SoloFuse HA integrates PEEK-OPTIMA impregnated with HA into its design. The biomaterial PEEK-OPTIMA HA Enhanced, developed by Invibio, is fully integrated with hydroxyapatite to foster greater bone formation and a higher quality of new bone bridging.

This system allows for straightforward implantation and minimisation of tissue disruption when used in accordance with SpineFrontier’s angled driver technology.


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