Sixth INSPIRE patient improves ASIA score

Invivo Therapeutics’ Neuro-spinal scaffold

An Invivo Therapeutics INSPIRE study patient enrolled in December 2016 has improved from a complete ASIA A spinal cord injury to an incomplete ASIA B spinal cord injury in the time between discharge and the one-month evaluation.

This is the sixth out of the eleven patients (54.5% conversion rate) in follow-up to have had an AsIA grade improvement. Two patients who have not yet converted are early in follow-up, with conversion possible before the six-month endpoint.

Domagoj Coric, of Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates, says, “I have been encouraged by the data generated to date in the INSPIRE study, including the two conversions in patients that I have implanted with the Neuro-spinal scaffold.” Coric, chief of Neurosurgery at the Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, USA, and a member of the INSPIRE Study Steering Committee performed the implantation with his partner at Carolina Neurosurgery and Spine Associates, Samuel Chewning.

“The ASIA conversion rate observed thus far in the INSPIRE study has exceeded expectations,” chief executive officer and chairman, Mark Perrin, says. “We look forward to following this patient’s progress, and we’re hopeful that we will continue to observe positive INSPIRE results as we work towards completing enrolment.”