Simplifying minimally invasive surgery: DePuy Synthes launch new systems at NASS 2017


Viper Prime, simplifying minimally invasive surgeryThe North American Spine Society (NASS) annual meeting yesterday played host to the launch of two solutions by DePuy Synthes for simplifying minimally invasive surgery (MIS) procedures.

Minimally invasive surgeries now account for more than one-sixth of all spine surgeries in the USA, and is expected to be the majority procedure by 2020.

According to DePuy, “As MIS becomes more common, there is a significant need to simplify these procedures.”

The two new systems—the Viper Prime and the Concorde Clear—are being billed as “enhancing efficiency and reducing steps” and are designed for simplifying minimally invasive surgery.

The Viper Spine pedicle screw system combines multiple instruments, for example needles and guidewires, into one pedicle screw inserter tool that reduces the number of instrument passes and the number of required instrument trays. A screw tip design and stylet that is fully controlled by the screwdriver allows surgeons to target pedicles and insert the screw in one single instrument pass. In a recent study of the Viper Prime system, DePuy Synthes report a 33% reduction in the time required to insert a pedicle screw in MIS surgery, compared to traditional techniques.

“Additionally, the system’s streamlined instrument set means a smaller procedural footprint that also helps reduce waste, processing costs and environmental impact,” says DePuy Synthes.

The Concorde Clear MIS discectomy tool is designed to complete the degenerated disc-clearing process “faster and more efficiently” on average, compared to traditional discectomy tools. The device uses operating room suction to remove the degenerated disc and prepare the endplates, an approach that is “faster on average” and “results in a reduction in tool passes and instrument exchanges”. It is designed with a clear handle that enables surgeons to better view the collection of disc material.

“As a global leader in spine, we have a responsibility to continue to innovate to make spinal fusion surgery less invasive for patients and less complicated for surgeons,” says Nadav Tomer, Global Platform Leader at DePuy Synthes Spine. “Both the Viper Prime system and the Concorde Clear MIS discectomy tool are examples of how we are providing differentiated technologies that simplify spine surgery … while reducing the impact on patients.”

The Viper Prime and the Concorde Clear are both being showcased by DePuy Synthes at this year’s NASS annual meeting, which is currently being held in Orlando, Florida, USA, until Friday, 27th October, 2017. DePuy Synthes are located at booth #1100 in the Exhibition Hall.


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