SI-Bone launches new 3D-printed porous Ifuse-3D sacroiliac joint fusion device


SI-Bone has launched its new Ifuse-3D implant in the USA following regulatory clearance by the US Food and Drug Administration. The new titanium device is engineered to mimic the shape of the triangular Ifuse implant, this time incorporating a 3D-printed fenestrated design and a porous surface.

The new textured surface is intended to resembles the trabecular structure of cancellous bone. According to a company release, the fenestrated design and porous surface “provide an excellent environment for bony ongrowth, ingrowth and through growth.”

In May of this year, the US Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent covering various structural design features of the Ifuse-3D implant. These will extend intellectual property protection of the design until September 2035.

SI-Bone’s Ifuse-3D


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