SeaSpine launches Vu a.Pod prime nanometalene ALIF system


SeaSpine has begun a full commercial launch of its Vu a.Pod prime nanometalene system.

The system features a zero-profile, standalone anterior lumbar interbody device that is designed to be configured in a variety of footprint and lordosis combinations to accommodate an individual patient’s pathology. The system offers multiple fixation options, intended to maximise versatility.

“The new lordosis options enable me to better recreate the patient’s natural alignment. These features, particularly when combined with the NanoMetalene technology, should speed the healing process and improve long-term outcomes,” states Nilesh Patel, an orthopaedic surgeon practicing at Beaumont Hospital in Dearborn, USA.

Nanometalene interbody implants are designed to provide the benefits of a titanium surface while retaining the benefits associated with traditional PEEK devices, such as biocompatibility, a modulus of elasticity similar to bone, and excellent radiographic visibility for post-operative imaging. Nanometalene is a sub-micron layer of commercially pure titanium molecularly bonded to a PEEK-OPTIMA polymer from Invibio. It is applied in a proprietary, high-energy, low-temperature process, designed to maximise implant surface area with titanium nanotopography.

Additionally, Vu a.Pod prime nanometalene system implants are delivered individually sterile-packaged and ready-to-use.