SeaSpine announces launch of Mariner Outrigger Revision System


SeaSpine has announced the limited commercial launch of the Mariner Outrigger Revision System. Mariner Outrigger is an implant system providing surgeons a high level of versatility for multiple revision applications.

As an adjunct to the Mariner Posterior Fixation system, Mariner Outrigger includes a variety of options to effectively revise and extend previous fusions. The System offers a comprehensive implant and instrument offering, including several differentiated implant technologies, in a single tray that reduces the overall volume of product required to support complex cases.

“Through the launch of the Mariner Outrigger Revision System, SeaSpine is expanding the applications of its modular Mariner platform to address more complex cases,” stated Dennis Cirino, senior vice president, Global Spinal Systems. “This demonstrates our continued commitment to deliver world-class surgical solutions to our surgeon customers in the growing revision market.”

“Mariner Outrigger is designed to deliver versatility and simplicity in revision spine and deformity surgery,” stated Daryl Sybert, orthopaedic surgeon at Mount Carmel, New Albany, USA. “It improves operative efficiency through streamlined instrumentation and implants in a reduced number of trays. Combined with the strength and versatility of Mariner, I have a high level of confidence when addressing my revision surgeries.”

The launch of the Mariner Outrigger Revision System is one of several complementary systems that will expand the applications of the Mariner Posterior Fixation System. SeaSpine expects to commercialise additional application-specific systems that expand the procedural application of its modular Mariner platform, including the planned launch of a minimally invasive system before the end of the third quarter of 2019.


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