SeaSpine announces full commercial launch of the Mariner MIS Wayfinder system


SeaSpine has announced the full commercial launch of the Mariner MIS Wayfinder system, a novel, one step, k-wireless screw delivery system for pedicle screw fixation. 

According to SeaSpine, Mariner MIS Wayfinder eliminates reliance on traditional guidewires for percutaneous screw placement by providing a fully integrated, surgeon-led solution that leverages the strength and versatility of the company’s foundational Mariner modular pedicle screw technology.

Mariner MIS Wayfinder is fully integrated with the 7D FLASH navigation system’s recently launched FLASH Percutaneous module. FLASH Percutaneous addresses the minimally invasive spine surgery market and facilitates a fast, efficient, and simple workflow that complements Mariner MIS Wayfinder’s all-in-one modality, making it an optimal solution for MIS spinal fusion procedures, states the firm.

Azam Basheer, a neurosurgeon at Henry Ford Health (Jackson, USA), said: “Thoughtful and efficient instrumentation design in Mariner MIS Wayfinder delivers the capability to significantly reduce the number of steps associated with fixation placement. Combined with the outstanding functionality of Mariner MIS and FLASH navigation’s recently-launched percutaneous module, SeaSpine now offers a market-leading procedural solution.”

Mike Hall, SeaSpine’s vice president of marketing, added: “Mariner MIS Wayfinder has been a powerful addition to the Mariner platform. This effective tool is ergonomic and provides a highly user-friendly solution for surgeons using this emerging technique.”


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