SeaSpine announces full commercial launch of Regatta Lateral System

Regatta implant, featuring NanoMetalene surface technology

SeaSpine has announced the full commercial launch of the Regatta Lateral System, featuring NanoMetalene technology.

According to a press release, Regatta is a comprehensive, minimally invasive lateral interbody fusion system designed to efficiently and reproducibly treat the spine through indirect decompression and the restoration of sagittal alignment. The Regatta lateral retractor and the electromyography (EMG) nerve detection dilators allow for customisable access with minimal tissue disruption through the psoas, while also providing the visualisation necessary to effectively perform the procedure.

“The Regatta Lateral System is the culmination of the extensive lateral expertise of our product development and marketing teams and the valuable surgeon input gained through a comprehensive alpha evaluation,” stated Dennis Cirino, senior vice president, Global Spinal Systems. “The full launch of Regatta allows us to make this important procedural solution available to more of our distribution partners and surgeons. We are confident that it will be an important driver of our future revenue growth, beginning in the second-half of 2019.”

Leading up to the full launch of Regatta, SeaSpine conducted lateral sales training and surgeon education programs to ensure a positive customer experience with the new system. The company also held its inaugural SeaSpine Lateral Summit, which brought together experienced lateral surgeons to explore the future of lateral spine surgery and is expected to be held on an annual basis.

The Regatta interbody devices feature proprietary NanoMetalene surface technology. NanoMetalene is a sub-micron layer of commercially pure titanium molecularly bonded to a PEEK implant using a high-energy, low-temperature process referred to as atomic fusion deposition. It is designed to provide a bone-friendly titanium surface on endplates and throughout graft apertures, while retaining the benefits associated with traditional PEEK implants, such as biocompatibility, a modulus of elasticity similar to bone, and excellent radiographic visibility for postoperative imaging.

Douglas Orndorff, orthopaedic surgeon at Mercy Hospital, Durango, USA, stated, “Regatta provides me with a complete lateral solution that includes differentiated NanoMetalene surface technology. The streamlined instrumentation allows me to address the majority of my surgical correction goals, as well as challenging patient anatomies, with fewer trays. This elegant solution ultimately allows me to make interoperative decisions in an efficient and effective manner and provides a seamless workflow for my surgical staff.”


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