SeaSpine announces full commercial launch of Meridian anterior lumbar interbody system


SeaSpine has announced the full commercial launch of its Meridian anterior lumbar interbody fusion (ALIF) system featuring the Reef A interbody.

The Meridian anterior lumbar interbody system was designed to be a modular instrument and implant system that streamlines the ALIF procedure and provides diverse fixation options for single to multilevel surgeries in a reduced number of sets.

Meridian replaces a legacy SeaSpine ALIF system that offered only three standalone options, without supplemental fixation. According to SeaSpine, Meridian leverages the success of the firm’s flagship modular anterior cervical system, Shoreline ACS, including offering multiple TruProfile plating options.

Carl Lauryssen, director of neurosurgery at St. David’s Round Rock Medical Center (Round Rock, USA), said: “From the simplest case to the most complex reconstruction and stabilisation, there is no other system that provides such a great spectrum of intraoperative implant configuration choices. The Meridian product line allows me to have more options than any other anterior lumbar system on the market.”

The Reef A interbody features NanoMetalene surface technology and Reef Topography. NanoMetalene describes a sub-micron layer of commercially pure titanium bonded to a PEEK implant that is designed to provide a bone-friendly titanium surface, while retaining the benefits associated with traditional PEEK, such as biocompatibility, a modulus of elasticity similar to bone, and excellent radiographic imaging, says SeaSpine.

Shaeffer Bannigan, vice president of product development, spinal systems, at SeaSpine, added: “This next-generation ALIF system is designed to provide maximum modularity coupled with our proprietary surface technology and Reef Topography, which we believe makes it the most comprehensive ALIF system on the market. Our customers expect simplicity, versatility and capability from our system—Meridian delivers all three.”


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