SeaSpine announces full commercial launch of Mariner MIS and Outrigger spinal fixation systems


SeaSpine has announced the full commercial launches of Mariner MIS and Mariner Outrigger spinal fixation systems.

“The commercial launches of Mariner MIS and Mariner Outrigger result from meticulous product refinement and creative application of differentiated features,” said Keith Valentine, president and CEO, SeaSpine. “These products represent the expansion of a proven technology platform in Mariner to improve patient care in both minimally invasive and complex procedures.”

The Mariner Outrigger system features instrumentation to enhance surgical flow in revision of previous fusions. The system offers novel clinical solutions by providing diversified implants to enable complex revision and extension spine procedures. Novel rod engagement features simplify the addition and extension of ancillary rod stabilisation without the requirement for complex rod bending, SeaSpine said in a press release.

“With the launch of Outrigger, I believe this is the most comprehensive system to address adjacent segment and complex pathologies on the market,” said Doug Orndorff, orthopedic spine surgeon at Spine Colorado (Durango, USA). “It gives the surgeon every option to connect to a previous fusion and reduce the morbidity associated with the removal of previous constructs, as well as improves procedural efficiency in the operating room.”

SeaSpine’s press release adds that the Mariner MIS system “sets a new standard for fixation systems in the minimally-invasive space”. The system is designed for the delivery of “superior stabilisation in true MIS and hybrid constructs, as well as the correction of sagittal balance in combination with SeaSpine’s interbody portfolio”.

“Mariner MIS is a completely modular minimally invasive system that covers all contingencies for me and seamlessly transitions to an open approach if need arises,” said Paul Gause, orthopedic spine surgeon at the Spine Institute of Arizona (Scottsdale, USA). “Robust instrumentation and creative implant solutions equip the surgeon to address a variety of pathologies.”

Mariner MIS and Mariner Outrigger are the latest expansions of the Mariner platform, which also includes the Mariner Midline posterior fixation system, launched in December 2019


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