SeaSpine announces full commercial launch of Explorer TO expandable interbody system

Explorer TO expandable interbody system (SeaSpine)

SeaSpine has announced the full commercial launch of its Explorer TO (TLIF Oblique) expandable interbody system.

The system provides a posterior interbody solution that offers two types of implants—one expanding in height, the other in lordosis—that are compatible with the same instrumentation. According to the company, the Explorer TO expandable interbody system is designed to streamline allograft or autograft delivery post-implantation and expansion.

Explorer TO is SeaSpine’s first expandable interbody system from the Explorer family and the company expects to launch additional expandable interbody systems that will accommodate different approaches and techniques in the future.

Azam Basheer, of Henry Ford Hospital (Detroit, USA), said: “As a minimally invasive spine surgeon, I am always looking for an interbody device that minimises tissue and nerve disruption, while maximising height restoration. Despite the cage’s slim profile and tapered nose, it offers an immense amount of continuous distraction force to maximise foraminal height and sagittal balance restoration.”

Shaeffer Bannigan, vice president of product development at SeaSpine, added: “We designed Explorer TO with both minimally invasive and complex open deformity surgeons in mind, addressing both transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (TLIF) and posterior lumbar interbody fusion (PLIF) needs required in profile, robustness, and post-packability.

“This new product offering allows SeaSpine to compete in the expandable interbody market in a much more effective and complete manner than we could in the past.”


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