SeaSpine announces commercial launch of Mariner Midline posterior fixation system

The Mariner Midline fixation system

SeaSpine has announced the full commercial launch of the Mariner Midline posterior fixation system.

Mariner Midline is described by SeaSpine as a comprehensive, less invasive posterior fixation system built upon the Mariner platform to simplify the treatment of a wide range of spinal pathologies. Less invasive procedures are typically associated with reduced blood loss, incision size, and hospital stay compared to traditional open procedures.

“The full commercial launch of Mariner Midline expands SeaSpine’s procedural solutions ot new markets and leverages the Mariner modular technology to facilitate less invasive procedures,” said Dennis Cirino, SeaSpine’s senior vice president of global spinal systems. “We are incredibly excited to offer the strength and versatility of Mariner in a comprehensive procedural platform encompassing a true midline access retractor with best-in-class NanoMetalene interbody and biologic options to surgeons performing a midline cortical procedure.”

“After years spent in search of the ideal posterior pedicle screw system for the minimally invasive cortical approach, it was beginning to look like I would need to settle for ‘good enough’,” Christopher Heller, (MultiCare Neuroscience Institute; Spokane, USA), said. “After being given the opportunity to collaborate with the design team at SeaSpine, I can enthusiastically say that the new Mariner Midline system is the no-compromise solution to the unique challenges of midline cortical instrumentation that I was looking for.”


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