Scient’x launches Isobar Evolution


Scient’x has announced its focus on offering dynamic solutions for the spine. The cornerstone of the Scient’x dynamic solutions strategy is the Isobar Evolution dynamic rod, which the company introduced recently as an adjunct to posterior pedicle-based fusion.

Scient’x president and CEO Oliver Burckhardt said, “We are very excited about introducing the Isobar Evolution as a core technology in our new strategic approach. Thousands of patients around the globe have already been treated with Isobar dynamic rods, and with our demonstrated commitment to innovation and successful clinical outcomes, there is no company better equipped to apply the concept of Dynamic Fusion to the treatment of lower lumbar spine pathologies. The launch of the Isobar Evolution will allow us to build on these years of successful clinical outcomes by investigating the product’s potential impact on adjacent level degeneration in the future.”

Dynamic Fusion, also known as semi-rigid fusion, immobilises and stabilises the spinal segment. It allows for load sharing across the fused construct and decreases stress at the screw interfaces when compared to rigid fusion.

The Isobar Dynamic Rod, the predecessor to the new Isobar Evolution dynamic rod, was the first semi-rigid rod introduced by Scient’x to the international market over 16 years ago. It has seen substantial clinical success as part of a Dynamic range for Scient’x.

“I have been using the semi-rigid dynamic interpedicular fixation system since June 1993, and my current personal experience is with more than 800 patients implanted. The justification for choosing such devices for my lumbar procedures was related to the quality of the biomechanical and clinical data that has accompanied this technology,” said Gilles Perrin, Lyon, France.

In response to surgeon input and demand, the Isobar Evolution dynamic rod was developed as a second-generation Isobar with a 25% smaller dampener that allows for more versatile placement. In addition, Isobar Evolution has an improved lordotic radius for a better anatomic fit, easier insertion and optimal maintenance of sagittal balance.

A E Castellvi, Tampa, Florida said, “I started using the Isobar dynamic rod in 2003 when it became available in the United States. The dynamic properties of this rod offered me the options I needed to provide high quality of care for treating my patients. The newly-launched Isobar Evolution offers me the same great technology with enhanced versatility due to the improved geometry.”

The Isobar Evolution dynamic rod is intended to be used with the new Scient’x Xenonx pedicle screw system in the US and will be compatible with several of the company’s pedicle screw systems available worldwide.

Note: Non-fusion technologies not available in the US