Safe Orthopaedics receives CE mark for thoracic version of its Oak screw


Safe Orthopaedics has received CE mark for a new version of its patented Oak screw, used to treat thoracic vertebral fractures.

Previously, 7.5mm, 6.5mm and 5.5mm diameter versions of the screw were available for lumbar vertebral fractures. With its smaller diameter, the new 4.5mm version is designed to cater more widely for thoracic vertebral fractures.

According to a company release, Oak is the only pedicle screw in the world to offer simultaneous correction and fixation of trauma-related vertebral fractures. It combines the benefits of a multi-axial screw, designed to ease insertion of the rod, with those of a mono-axial screw in reducing the fracture without any additional instruments, the release states.

Oak is intended for minimally invasive and conventional open approaches. The company’s SteriSpine modular kits can be used with either of these approaches, making it possible to switch from one to the other mid-surgery should the need arise.

Van Gaalen, orthopaedic surgeon at the Utrecht Hospital, Netherland, comments, “The Oak screw is a major breakthrough for trauma surgery because it facilitates and enhances the treatment of vertebral fractures. The CE mark of this latest 4.5 mm diameter version of the product, which previously catered largely to lumbar vertebral fractures, opens up new possibilities for the treatment of thoracic vertebral fractures. This means we can now offer the benefits of this technology to a larger number of patients.”

Vouaillat, orthopaedic surgeon, Cedar Clinic, Echirolles, France, and co-inventor of the system adds, “This unique system offers new possibilities in the management of trauma surgeries and also opens up new solutions for degenerative surgeries.”