Safe Orthopaedics announces European launch of its range of fenestrated screws for spine surgery


Safe Orthopaedics has announced the European launch of its new fenestrated screw and the success of the first six surgeries on patients with osteoporosis.

“The first surgeries have been a success. The Safe Orthopaedics fenestrated screw is very easy to use and allows us to save substantial time while reducing the risks to the patient”, comments Gianluca Maestretti, orthopaedic surgeon at Fribourg cantonal hospital in Switzerland.

Having recently been granted CE mark, Safe Orthopaedics’ fenestrated screw has lateral windows enabling cement to be injected into osteoporotic vertebra in order to strengthen the screw’s anchoring to the bone.

The new product is the combination of the fenestrated screw and its preassembled single-use instruments, thus eliminating the risk of cement leakage where the screw meets the instrument, resulting in optimal patient safety. Furthermore, the dosage of cement directly used in a cannula in the screwdriver’s handle makes it easier for surgeons to use and therefore reduces operating time. The instruments preassembled on the implant also reduce the cost of the procedure for hospitals.

The aging population in developed countries is driving the growth of the fenestrated screw market across Europe as the incidence of osteoporosis increases.

“This new screw is perfectly in line with our strategy of expanding our product offer for spine surgery. Safe Orthopaedics is continuing to innovate in order to provide greater safety for patients, to improve operating conditions for surgeons and to reduce costs for hospitals”, concludes Dominique Petit, founder, chief technical officer and chief operations officer of Safe Orthopaedics.