RSNA 2018: Versatile portfolio for most diverse and individual imaging demands

Ziehm Vision RFD Hybrid Edition

At this year’s annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA; 25-30 November, Chicago, USA), Ziehm Imaging presents a range of mobile C-arms to provide suitable options for surgeons’ different individual demands. Their Vision RFD 3D and Vision RFD Hybrid Edition, as well as the compact-arm Solo FD will be presented on the booth.

The Vision RFD 3D features CMOS technology, bundling 2D and 3D functionality for greater intraoperative control. This mobile C-arm is used for high-end orthopaedic, trauma and spinal interventions as well as for highly specialised maxillofacial procedures. The mobile 3D C-arm provides different volume options to support individual imaging needs, whether it is for high-end pelvic or cochlear procedures.

The company’s Usability Concept, a bundle of hardware and software features to improve communication and process efficiency, allows for increased ease of use in the OR. As a part of the Usability Concept, the new Articulating Monitor Arm is on display in Chicago. It is mounted on the monitor cart and can be moved in several directions to provide the most ergonomic viewing angle for the clinician in diverse OR set-ups. Also on display and further adding to the efficiency in daily tasks, the Solo FD ensures maximum flexibility even in small operating theatres. This C-arm is ideally suited for orthopaedic, trauma and pain management procedures.

Ziehm Imaging’s SmartDose concept now comes in a further developed version with Beam Filtration technology. This new dose reduction technique for an optimised X-ray spectrum is part of the enhanced CMOS imaging chain. The Beam Filtration technology enables an exceptional cut in skin entrance dose for all CMOSline systems. The SmartDose concept provides image quality with a significantly lower dose, enabling enhanced patient care in all procedures.

CMOSline systems offer a CMOS detector and an enhanced CMOS imaging chain from generator to detector. Based on the tried-and-true flat-panel detector, the CMOSline enables superior image quality by showing significantly more detail. It offers greater sensitivity, allowing for better resolution while minimising dose levels. Furthermore, all CMOSline systems start automatically in Low Dose Mode.


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