Rosies Base signs research agreement with SpineCraft for next-generation spinal implants

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Rosies Base, a startup research and development company, has announced a research agreement with SpineCraft, which will allow the companies to investigate the compatibility and effectiveness of nanoTi in the manufacture of spinal implant rods.

According to a recent press release, Rosies Base is the world’s only supplier of nanoTi, a titanium alloy created using a proprietary metallurgical rolling process that delivers ultra-fine-grained metal alloys that are thinner and stronger than standard alloys, and possess anti-microbial properties that resist the formation of biofilms on implanted devices.

Fumie Yusa, vice president and chief operating officer of Rosies Base, said: “Nano-structured metals offer a variety of advantages over conventionally produced alloys, including higher strength, improved processing capabilities, and novel biological properties.

“We expect our partnership with SpineCraft, a leader in the spinal orthopaedics field, to demonstrate the superiority of our nanoTi alloy compared with conventional medical-grade titanium.”

Wagdy Asaad, president and CEO of SpineCraft, added: “SpineCraft is dedicated to developing next-generation spine surgery systems to improve and enhance quality of life for patients with spine disorders. We are eager to explore the potential of the innovative nanoTi alloy developed by Rosies Base.”


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