Richard Grant to advise Spinal Simplicity

Spinal Simplicity’s Minuteman

Richard Grant has agreed to serve as an advisor to Spinal Simplicity, and will join the company’s Board of Managers.

Spinal Simplicity produce the Minuteman family of sterile-packed, posterior, non-pedicle supplemental fusion and fixation devices for use in the non-cervical spine. The produces are designed to provide an alternative to traditional fixation, such as pedicle screws.

Richard Grant is a medical device executive with over 30 years in the spinal and orthopaedic medical industries. As president, chief executive officer and co-founder of Breakaway Imaging, Grant developed the O-Arm (Medtronic), incorporating 2D (fluoroscopy) and 3D (CT) imaging. Grant was involved in the sale of Breakaway Imaging to Medtronic in June 2007.

Grant has also worked as president and chief executive officer of TheraCell in Northridge, USA, specialising in stem cell harvesting and processing for orthopaedic applications, and, as president of Bonovo Orthopedics in Phoenix, USA, a company that manufactures and distributes spine and orthopedic instrumentation and implants in China.

Grant currently serves on the Board of Directors of two medical device companies, an orthopaedic bracing company and an ortho-biologic company, while also serving as the chairman of the Board of a company specialising in computer-assisted total knee solutions.

Grant previously served on the Board of Directors of Excelsius Surgical (sold to Globus Medical), Nocimed (partnering with Nuvasive), and Angstrom Medica (sold to Pioneer Surgical).


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