ReWalk enter contract with BKK Mobil Oil health insurance fund to supply ReWalk exoskeleton for SCI 


ReWalk Robotics has announced it has entered into a contract with BKK Mobil Oil Insurance to provide ReWalk personal exoskeleton devices to its eligible beneficiaries with spinal cord injury (SCI) in Germany. 

According to ReWalk, the contractual arrangement is the first with a corporate health insurance fund and follows a series of agreements with insurance providers in Germany, which ReWalk has signed since the beginning of 2020. The company further states that under the terms of this contract, eligible individuals can receive a ReWalk Personal 6.0 exoskeleton, which supports them standing and walking, after completing a training programme. 

“BKK Mobil Oil has taken the lead within corporate health insurers in Germany by entering into this contract,” said ReWalk CEO Larry Jasinski, Natick, USA. “We hope that more corporate health insurances will join this contract to ensure quality care with ReWalk exoskeletons for their insureds.” 

“In addition to the innovative exoskeleton aid, which gives new hope to many paralysed people, we were particularly impressed by the well thought-out and detailed care concept of ReWalk Robotics GmbH. Everyone involved is aware of the current status of the supply at all times, and can plan the next treatment steps, so that our insured receive high-quality care and are efficiently guided through the procedure,” says Tanja Euhus, head of the Contracts Department at BKK Mobil Oil. 


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