Providence Medical Technology launches proprietary surface technology which it claims can enhance the cervical fusion process


Cavux, a proprietary surface technology designed to speed bone fusion during the healing process, has been introduced by Providence Medical Technology. It is a surface technology which produces micro-textures on titanium surfaces which uses micro- and nano-textures created across the implant surface area serve to enhance the fusion process.

Macro-textures favour mechanical anchorage by increasing the surface area of the implant to enhance primary fixation to bone, claims Providence Medical Technology. Micro- and nano-textures promote osteoblastic (bone) cell adhesion during early healing stages after cervical fusion procedures.

“Surfacing technologies have delivered positive clinical results in orthopaedic and dental surgery to-date. Cavux surface technology was developed based on these successful principles, and we believe it has the potential to enhance cervical spine fusion,” says Providence chief executive officer Jeff Smith.