Preliminary report on the PROlif Lateral solution presented by Mazor Robotics


Mazor Robotics has presented preliminary data for its PROlif Lateral solution at the Society for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (SMISS) Global Forum ’15 in Las Vegas. At the same meeting, the procedure was shown at a conference for the first time on a cadaver.

The data was reported by neurosurgeon J Alex Thomas at during a podium presentation. He reported that fluoroscopy time per screw was reduced by approximately one-third when Mazor Robotics technology was used. There were also zero revisions in these cases, compared to three revisions in the fluoro-guided group.

In addition to the clinical data presented, SMISS Co-Chairman Kornelis Poelstra, also led a Cadaver Workshop to demonstrate how the PROlif solution could be used for circumferential spinal fusion procedures, by using the Renaissance system to place pedicle screws in the lateral decubitus position.

“The Renaissance guidance system easily integrates into my existing operating workflow and when using PROlif, it saves 45-60 minutes of anaesthesia- and surgical time per case,” says Poelstra. “This means for us a clinically significant reduction in complication risk, in addition to the economic benefits for our institution. It typically amounts to enough time savings over two cases that I can perform an additional surgery that same day without ever compromising patient outcomes.”

PROlif Lateral is a solution to enable the guided placement of pedicle screws while the patient is in lateral decubitus position to reduce OR time by eliminating the need to flip the patient into prone position after an extreme lateral procedure.