Precision Spine launches SureLOK MIS 3L percutaneous screw system


Precision Spine has nationally launched the SureLOK MIS 3L percutaneous screw system in the USA. The SureLOK system can be used in a number of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) approaches.

In a press release, Precision Spine said that the system provides spine surgeons with outstanding versatility and flexibility in terms of procedural approaches and application of its various components.

“The inherent versatility of the SureLOK MIS 3L System enables it to be used in open, mini-open or percutaneous MIS approaches, or even a combination of any of those approaches during the same procedure,” said Phillip Kravetz (Cullman Regional Medical Group, Cullman, USA) who worked with the Precision Spine design team in the development of the system. “This flexibility provides surgeons with a range of options intended to optimise efficiency and effectiveness in both planning and performing successful spinal procedures.”

Component versatility is another key element of the SureLOK MIS 3L System, Precision Spine said in its press release. The system consists of cannulated pedicle screws, straight and pre-curved rods, and locking caps in a variety of sizes that enable surgeons to more closely match each patient’s anatomy.

The screws feature a 150mm Extended Tab designed to allow for low profile, MIS percutaneous placement with 50mm of controlled rod reduction. In addition, an open tulip design helps ease rod introduction while the proximal tapered triple lead thread helps enhance efficiency in placing screws and optimise pull-out strength. The screw’s self-tapping tip is designed to help ease insertion and a square thread locking cap assists in reducing the potential for cross threading.

The system also includes a reliable compression/distraction system. The indications of the SureLOK MIS 3L System provide further versatility. The system can be used in the immobilisation and stabilisation of spinal segments in skeletally mature patients as an adjunct to fusion in the treatment of acute and chronic instabilities or deformities of the thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine.

“The SureLOK MIS 3L percutaneous screw system represents another example of how Precision Spine is making good on its commitment to develop minimally invasive devices that feature the versatility and flexibility surgeons need to help improve OR efficiency and achieve positive patient outcomes,” said Chris DeNicola, chief operating officer of Precision Spine.


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