PixarBio establishes research centre focusing on spinal cord injury treatment


PixarBio—developers of NeuroRelease, a morphine replacement, non-opioid pain treatment—has established the JP Reynolds Research Center in Woburn, USA.

The lab will focus on research and decvelopment products including:

  • Neuroscaffolds and injectable neuroscaffolds for acute and chronic spinal cord injury (SCI)
  • Epilepsy drug delivery systems
  • NeuroRelease three-day sprinkle-on powder for incisional pain
  • NeuroRelease 90-Day chronic pain treatment
  • Novel Hydrogel/steroid non-opiate pain treatments across timelines

NeuroRelease is a morphine replacement, and non-addictive pain platform for the surgical/hospital setting, for the battlefield, or for acute and chronic pain. According to a company release, first product FDA approval for the platform will be for a 14-day post-surgical pain treatment and it is expected in early 2019. The treatment is designed to affect only sensory signals, to have no effect on locomotion nerve fibres, so patients can enter physical therapy quickly, to maintains two-point discriminate touch and to have no effect on proprioception.